School Education in Canada In Canada, it’s the law that children go to school. Depending on the province or territory, they can start primary school as young as 4 years old and finish secondary school when they’re 18 years old. Schools in Canada Adult secondary education Adults without an elementaryContinue Reading

Admissions Registrations and Graduate Requirements  Admissions Registrations Click on Courses and register for course(s), as per approval, make payments and wait for schedule and assigned teachers Trying completing courses as per schedule, but the schedule is flexible.    For example full time 4 courses are to be registered and at leastContinue Reading

PROJECTS MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING We have identified hundreds of viable projects for economic development.  We coordinate projects, arrange financing, develop plans, budget, RFIQ, RFQ. Staffing and Administration. Continue Reading

Trading and Investments We are working on to enable our website for opening trading and investment account on various stock exchanges; such as : Pakistan Stock Exchange Dubai Stock Exchange New York Stock Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange Tokoyo Stock Exchange This will enable clients to do trading in world trades. Continue Reading

We provide reliable HR Services: HR Planning Organizational Charts Policies and Procedures Reports HR System Development Labor Relations Compensation Package Benefits Development Industrial Relations Health and Safety Training Recruitment and Selection Screening Job Exhibits On line Career Site at Reading

Accounting and Book Keeping Accounting and Book Keeping Services Financial Consulting Financial Plans, Budget, Financial Analysis, forecasts, break even analysis, SWOT Analysis, Loans, credits, mortgages, leasing, RFIS, RFPS, Quotes, Bidding Consulting Tax Business and Personal Tax Preparations, follow ups Bills Management, Records, Debts Recoveries Trading and Investments Trade online byContinue Reading

Consult with us for your Career Abroad opportunities. We provide one week career opportunities training, this program is especially designed for job seekers, covering labor market information, interview, test preparations, job search strategies, legal requirements, salary and cost of living analysis. Our lawyers and consultants will assist your in yourContinue Reading

Buy Sell Rent Homes and Townhomes We are looking for real estate developments, builders and investors for development of small plazas for residence and commercials. Those investments can be in Canada, Pakistan and Middle East. If you already have projects, please list your properties by using my account link. MyContinue Reading