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Perks Private Benefits

Terms and Conditions


Individuals, Families, Unions, Associations, Clubs, etc, Corporate Sector, Government, Public, Private Sectors



Prizes, Savings, Education and Training, Monthly Income, Retirement, Marriages, Real Estate Purchase, Business investments, any other needs

 Purchase Procedure

The Metropolitan Perks can be purchased for self, sponsored or nominees from our website or from Issuer, Distributor, Districts Managers or authorized Representatives upon filling out one line or printed application and signing agreement.

The value of each unit is as follows:

  • Perks Income Benefits 100.00 per month
  • Perks Education  100.00 per month
  • Perks Health 100.00 per month
  • Perks Leasing $100
  • Perks Prizes values are as follows  5, 10, 20

The current sale price of each unit is $50

Initially one unit of each (4)  units of certificates are to be purchased.   Afterwards, there is no minimum or maximum purchase limits.  Later for the same account, can purchase either certificates or prize tickets or both.  They can be purchased in multiple units.  There is no maximum limit.  However, in order to available government benefits maximum limit for  one account holder and nominee is C$50,000.  

The above limit also applies to insurance coverage.   The MG arrange insurance coverage for health, death and disability through third party.

Account Numbers

Each account holder is allotted a country wide eight digits unique account number.  

Prize Certificates Numbers

Prize Certificates have series and serial numbers as follows:  System generate these numbers

Series                          Serial Number

P                                  1 to 100,000 onwards

The purpose of these numbers are to allocated unique multiple numbers to one account and include them in the prize draw.

Certificate Numbers

The investments certificates also have unique number

Series                          Serial Number

I                                   1 Onward

The certificates are issued and tied within an account numbers with multiple unique certificates numbers issued to one account

Accounting Principals

Accounts will be maintained as per GAAP

Methods of Deposits and Payments

Deposits are to be made into one of the Metropolitan Group Accounts by using;

  1. Debit/Credit Cards
  2. Cheques or Bank Drafts
  3. Money Transfer by Western Union, Money Grams
  4. Wire Transfer using Swift Code, IBAN
  5. Or calling over phone and authorizing for deductions

The Accounts of Metropolitan Group in Canada  are;





SWIFT CODE: cibccatt



The deposits are accepted by Issuer and Distributors only.   The district managers and representatives can accept the cheques or debit credit card information.   However, they cannot process any deposit or payment.   They have to forward to papers to issuer or distributors as soon as the deposits or payments information are received.

investors’ accounts with MG, sent to investors by cheques or deposited into their bank accounts within 5 to 10 business days.


The sale of prize investment certificate started from first of each month and end at last day of the month when business hours ends. 

When on line sale will be available, then time will be from 00.01 to 24.00 hours.

The cut off date will be last day of the month.   The certiticates sold during one month will be included in the following draw.  After that they will go out of the draw diminish the value expect prize winning amounts.

Cancellation of Sale

Prize Certificate sale is no refundable and non cancellable

The initial one unit purchase of each is non cancellable.  Subsequent Cancellation of Benefits Certificates will have 100% refund + return on investments.

The prize draws are held monthly on 10th of each month.  Draw results are published on MG website, in newspapers and sent to Media News. 

Prize Claims

The prize winners are required cheque if they have win any prizes and should contact issuer or distributors in writing by filling online or printed application form within three months of the draw.   Signed copy of prize certificate (s) with government issued photo id are to be sent for payment processing.

Unclaimed prizes will be kept in MG’s account for further three months for investigations.   After six month, the winning amounts will be transferred to MG account and winners will no longer be eligible to claim those amounts.

Guarantee – Pool of Investments

The money will be kept and backed by Pool of Investments to be held in the trust accounts of MG will be insured as per country’s regulations.

 Transfer and Amendments

The prize investments certificates are transfer able, however written requests are to be sent to MG or Distributor to process any transfer or amendments.


If any accounts holder or nominees dies, that needs to be notified to MG or Distributor for updating records.   The death certificates are required to be submitted to such changes.

Prize Money Distribution

Prizes/Investors           90.0%

Special Plans               2.5%

Cash in Hands             5.0%

Distributors/Resellers  2.5%

Total …………….100.00%

Perks Money Distribution

Original                                   90.00%

Funds Manager                       02.50%

Cash in Hands                         05.00%

Distributors/Resellers              02.50

Total …………….………..100.00%

Reinvestments Money Distribution

Govt Securities/Bonds            25.00%

Govt Treasury Bills                 25.00%

PPN                                         05.00%

Cash in Hands                         05.00%

Special Plans Allocation         02.50%

Guaranteed Income                20.00%

Secure Income                        18.50%

Total ………………………100.00%

Return on Contribution Calculations

 Yearly contribution of C$1000

Year    Rate                                        ROI

1-5       1000 x 10% = 100 x 5 =         1500

6-10     1000 x 13% = 130 x 5 =         1650

11-15   1000 x 15% = 750 x 5 =         1750

Gross ROI                                          2900

+ Prizes

+ 2.5 of ROI Scholarships and Loans

+ Government Benefits

Return Money Distribution

Original                                   97.50%

Special Plans                           02.50%

Total  ………………..……..100.00%

 Perks Period

Prize Investments with return on investments are to be kept in Savings Accounts for maximum 15 years.  After that new accounts will be opened and funds will be transferred to investors’ new accounts. 

 Marital Status

 Marital status needs to notified to the MG or Distributor for updating the records


MG is issuer of Metropolitan Perks.  Purchasers are owners of plans, distributors and resellers will be will be   authorized resellers of the plans. Investors own the investments with prizes and return on investments


Plans will be issued as per Finance Policy 15 and are The Perks are protected by at least 10 employment laws and National Finance Policy Number 15.



This prizes and returns on investments will be tax free.  Financial Statements will be maintained.  MG will file business tax returns annually.   Distributors will file their tax returns in the country of issue

Agreement Instruments

MG forms, brochures, Application Agreement,  Receipts, Encashment forms and other written and signed documents are agreement instruments

 Prize Claims

Filled and signed applications submitted to MG in person or by mail to MG Head office or Distributors. Prize money will be processed within 10 business days, credited to investors’ accounts and will be transferred to banks accounts upon written requests only.  Theoriginal certificate, copy of government issued id and copy of certificate with filled form required

 Prize Draws

Will be held every 10th of the month.  Manual or computer system will be used for prize draw.  Results will be posted on MG websites, newspapers.  Printed prize winning lists will be available with MG, distributors and Resellers locations.  Mail information will be sent to Investors

 Financial Statements

Following financial statements will be available to public on Mg website or upon requests:

Individual accounts Statements, Balance Sheets of MG Financials, Statement of Operations, List of Portfolio, Auditors Reports, Statement of Assets and liabilities, Statement of Changes, Statement of Contribution, Subscribers Contribution, Fair Value Statement, Savings Accounts, Credit Ratings