At present online school and college is ready – admissions will open soon.  hopefully, we will start classes this year.  The School and College offers approved courses and programs of Ontario and Pakistan.

We are in the processing of having registrations with Ontario Government, thereafter, its affiliation will be done with various examining bodies.   According to the Education Act 2005, our school will be authorized to teach secondary (KG, Grade 1-12 Courses), College Preparation Courses.  Ten FA, FSC, ICOM program of Pakistan curriculum.

The portal is quite flexible and comprehensive, it can also accommodate other curriculum such as USA, Middle East and UK.   The portal base language is English.  It can be translated into several other languages.

The school also offer college/university preparation credit course, english, training, certifications training of Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle, TOELF, TES, IELTS.

The college will offer BA, BS, MA, MS, programs of LUMS, Punjab University until it become certificate, diploma and Degree awarding institution.


The Humsafar Foundation is a community services organization, dedicated for learning and development of the community.    Our focus is honest politics, equal opportunities, justice and peace, socio economic development.   The learning and development and economic prosperity are our utmost priority in the community.    These objectives will be achieved with government, public and private partnrship and international cooperation.


The Humsafar is also working on to construct its own health care facility, for consulting, diagnostics, treatment, pharmacy and ambulance services.


The Humsafar intend to make its own Complex, for School, College, Clinic and Community.   The foundation does not run charities, instead, it work on profit sharing basis.  The investment opportunities are available for friends.   The investments units can be purchased from   Minimu 7-25% profit share is given to investors.

The resellers are not required to do any investments, however, they can sign the agreements join hands in community development programs.

The investments can be made in value of C$1000, C$10,000, C$,50,00, C$100,000 up to C$ 1, Million.  Investment Certificates are sent to clients soon after online orders.

Other schools can also use our portal for teaching their students online.  Our portal is more than LMS, is a complete e-campus program.  Other programs are coming soon.

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