School Education in Canada In Canada, it’s the law that children go to school. Depending on the province or territory, they can start primary school as young as 4 years old and finish secondary school when they’re 18 years old. Schools in Canada Adult secondary education Adults without an elementaryContinue Reading

Admissions Registrations and Graduate Requirements  Admissions Registrations Click on Courses and register for course(s), as per approval, make payments and wait for schedule and assigned teachers Trying completing courses as per schedule, but the schedule is flexible.    For example full time 4 courses are to be registered and at leastContinue Reading

This section is developed by keeping in mind flexibility in schedule and any time any where availability. The Tuitor is best for those schools and colleges who want to use our portal for education and training. This is open learning center with all online activities, assignments, progress, communication and chats.Continue Reading