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Career International


Live Work Study or do Business in Canada, US, UK, Germany, Asia, Middle East

Recruitment and Selection

We do recruitment and selection of all types of professionals, tradesmen.   Thorough screening, testing and interviews are done before recommending any candidates

Temporary Workers

We supply dependable temporary workers. They are meticulous and ready to become full time assignments

Career Training

Enroll in our career counseling program and become employed within a few weeks. We arrange Career Fairs

Lawyer’s Services

Qualified Lawyer Services available in legal matters


  • Jobs Analysis and Design, Job Descriptions
  • HR Planning, Forecasting, Budgeting
  • Organizations Charts, Teams, Leadership Training
  • Compensation  Management Programs
  • HRMS Development
  • First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, MSDS, Health and Safety Training
  • Contracts and Agreements, Reports, policies and procedures development
  • Payro9l Benefits Management
  • Employment Laws, Legislative Compliances Training, Human Rights

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